What happens when I pay for the Badass Boogie Bundles with my credit card?

Once you pay, you will automatically be emailed a link to the Badass Boogie Bundle/Blockbuster Pdf download. When you click on the link you can download the Pdf file to your computer and/or print it off immediately.


What happens if for some reason I don’t get a link?

The first thing to do is to check your junk/spam box. In 99.9% of cases, you will find the link there.


I’ve checked my emails and my spam box and there’s no link/my computer’s blown up/got stolen/got a virus/I’ve deleted the link by mistake/my iPad is playing up/I’m having a bad day/my mobile phone got thrown out of the window…etc HELP?

No problem. Just email Dr K directly using any of the ‘contact’ links on the website or simply email him at brenkav@hotmail.com and he will email you the Badass Boogie Bundle personally, usually within 24 hours.


Why are your prices in dollars?

We sell the Badass Boogie Bundles all over the world, so the dollar is a useful ‘universal’ global currency to use. Your credit/debit card AUTOMATICALLY converts your transaction into your local currency.


I want to buy a section/piece of music in one of the Bundles, not the whole thing. Can I do this?

No. The Bundles come as a complete Bundles, not separate sections.


Are the Bundles available as a hard copy?

No. The Bundles come as a PDF download only.


Do videos come with the Bundles?

The Badass Boogie Bundles are sheet music transcriptions of Dr K’s YouTube video tutorials, so the videos are already there on his YouTube channel.


What is contained in each Bundle?

All the lessons and books contained in the each Bundle are listed in the descriptions on the webpage. You can also print out the free music samples under each Bundle so you can see how the sheet music looks. Each Bundle is about 130 pages long and contains all the study materials you need to become a badass boogie pro – FAST!

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