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Badass Boogie Bundle 1

Regular Price: $225
Your Price: $75
  • Volume 1 is the perfect place to start your Boogie Woogie studies.
  • Dr K has taken decades of Boogie Woogie knowledge and experience and distilled it into an easy to digest form.
  • This best-selling volume is jam-packed with hundreds of the coolest Boogie Woogie riffs in the world!
  • It guides you step by step from the most basic Boogie Woogie riffs to the more challenging Albert Ammons’ style of patterns and solos.
  • Volume 1 gives you a goldmine of Boogie Woogie knowledge to blast your Boogie Woogie playing skills into the stratosphere!

Badass Boogie Bundle 2

Regular Price: $225
Your Price: $75
  • Vol 2 guides you through all the steps you need to improvise Boogie Woogie like a seasoned pro.
  • You will be shown the secret techniques and tricks for reproducing the sound and style of the legendary Boogie Woogie masters – Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson.
  • How to break down the most difficult Boogie Woogie solos into easy to master baby steps.
  • How to master playing ‘hands together’ and how to develop a killer Boogie Woogie piano technique so you can get the most difficult audiences’ feet tapping!

Badass Boogie Bundle 3

Regular Price: $225
Your Price: $75
  • Vol. 3 has been nicknamed the ‘rock and roll’ volume.
  • How to play killer piano in the styles of Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Fats Domino
  • In depth sheet music tutorial on Fats Domino’s classic, ‘Blueberry Hill’ and how to play it with an authentic New Orleans swing.
  • How To Play Albert Ammons’ Classic Boogie Woogie piano solo, ‘Boogie Woogie Stomp.’
  • How to play classic Jerry Lee Lewis style piano like you were raised in 1940s Louisiana!
  • Secret killer piano techniques so you can play rock and roll piano with breathtaking velocity.
  • How to master the Jerry Lee ‘Rick’ (or ‘glissando’)


Regular Price: $599
Your Price: $199
  • Contains everything you need to know to take your Boogie Woogie piano skills to the next level
  • Teaches you how to play hands together Boogie Woogie easily!
  • Explains how to develop a killer Boogie Woogie piano technique
  • Shows you how to develop confidence when playing to an audience
  • Explains the fifty common mistakes of beginner Boogie Woogie players and how to avoid them
  • Breaks down how to master the classic Boogie Woogie solos of all time
  • Demonstrates how to structure and time your piano practise for maximum effectiveness
  • Teaches you the secret of great intros and endings
  • Reveals the secrets of developing a pounding, rhythmic left hand groove – the key trait of a great Boogie Woogie pianist!

And that’s just for starters...

The Megabundle also includes the following incredible bonuses which are only available with the Megabundle!

  • Sheet music transcriptions of Albert Ammons’ classic solos: ‘Boogie Woogie Stomp,’ ‘Swanee River Boogie’ and ‘Shout For Joy’
  • Sheet music transcription of Meade Lux Lewis’ ‘Honky Tonk Train Blues’
  • Sheet music transcription of Pete Johnson’s ‘Roll ‘Em Pete’
  • Sheet music transcription of Pinetop Smith’s ‘Pinetop’s Boogie’
  • Dr K’s new book ‘Pete Johnson and The Story of Boogie Woogie Piano.’ A lifetime of Boogie Woogie knowledge and experience now available at your fingertips in one convenient download!

Dr K's 'How To Play Boogie Woogie Piano Fast' Video Course

Regular Price: $250
Your Price: $80
  • Everything you need to know about Boogie Woogie piano in one easy to understand video!
  • Shows you the coolest Boogie Woogie riffs that you can’t find in books!
  • Decades of knowledge distilled into one video for the price of an average piano lesson
  • Breaks down in an easy to understand manner all the elements of what it takes to play your own Boogie Woogie piano solos
  • Tricks to take your Boogie Woogie skills to the next level – whatever your level of proficiency!
  • How to master the most difficult Boogie Woogie riffs and play them with ease

The Video course also contains a bonus video ‘How To Play Hands Together Boogie Woogie.’ Playing hands together is one of the major challenges beginners face when playing Boogie Woogie for the first time. This bonus video which comes with the course shows you:

  • Simple exercises to trick your brain into using both hands to play Boogie Woogie effortlessly
  • Little known techniques to make your muscle memory work for you at the piano
  • Secret left hand riffs that force you into playing Boogie Woogie hands together without you even having to think about it!
  • What to do if you ever find your hands are getting confused at the piano!
  • How to play complex Boogie woogie patterns easily
  • Dynamic Practising techniques for mastering hands together skills once and for all

These Instructional videos are guaranteed to get you playing Boogie Woogie piano like a pro!